MERGELAB brand has its origins in Pedro Torres and Pedro Negrão long term architecture and urban design practice.


The concept behind MERGELAB defines a research process and a design methodology involving fusion across architecture, urbanism and other disciplines. We look to establish connections in-between different professional fields to explore creativity.  

This multidisciplinary design-thinking approach aims to innovate through transversal research, cross experimentation, debate and every day practice.


The MERGELAB fusion laboratory promotes interdisciplinary installations and projects side by side with practical and commercial oriented commissions.

So far among finish installations, work under-progress and complete projects we have brought together graphic designers, fashion designers, painters, sculptures, photographers, sociologist, psychologists, social workers, cookers, winemakers, engineers and landscape architects.

In each commission, we join up de appropriate level of expertise to produce the adequate think-tank debate.

We believe that this broader approach enables us to have a more competitive advantage in the relation with every day clients bringing valuable assets to their projects.


Within the global village MERGELAB also means a methodology for culture interchange and understanding with foreigner partners empowering our performance in different parts of the world.


Our workload range from experimental and research installations, pavilions, residential and retail interior design, one-off dwellings, residential developments, private and public facilities to urban furniture, urban design and masterplanning. We involve ourselves in the designs from inception to completion.